Logikor works to establish long-lasting carrier relationships built on trust, communication, and respect.
We work with our carriers as partners and conduits to solutions for our customers.
We listen to ideas and suggest improvements for our partners that make sense holistically.

Something For All Our Partners

With 1,000’s of shipments being orchestrated each day all over the globe both consistent loads and adhoc of various modes (small package/courier, LTL, Truckload Van, Flatbed, Air, Ocean) you can be sure there are ones that work for your business. Also, be sure to be treated with the respect you deserve. We understand our partner carriers are critical to both the success of our business and our customers.

Get Paid

Ensuring fast, electronic payments are made to or before our agreed terms and by having strong consistent credit scores with all major reporting agencies, we ensure cash flow for our partners.

A Gambit of Technology Options

We want to make your job easier too and eliminate the waste.  Our LOGIKweb system has a multitude of integration capabilities to any system for booking, status updates, and invoicing.  Or if you prefer, you can book loads at the click of a button within our Carrier Portal in LOGIKweb and/or utilize our Driver App or Macropoint for updates.

We’re Dedicated to You, to Us, and to Our Customers

Have a question regarding your set-up? Wondering about your payment options or certain lanes? If you prefer a web chat or a phone call, we’ll answer.  Our experienced and dedicated sourcing teams will listen to your ideas and hear your challenges in business, so we can all improve together and for our mutual customers.


Carrier Testimonials


Logikor has established long-lasting carrier relationships built on trust, communication, and respect.

We value our carriers and always pay our partners in full, on time, and fairly based on their stellar execution. It is our goal to provide you access to quality freight from quality shippers. We don’t just want to work with you once, but again and again…. this is how we all succeed.

Logikor Offers:
  • EFT for quick and efficient payment
  • Fast and Efficient onboarding process
  • Variety of Freight
  • Dry Van
  • Flatbed
  • Refrigerated
  • Specialized
  • Partials
  • Intermodal
Qualification Requirements:
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Minimum $100,000 cargo insurance
  • Minimum $1,000,000 auto liability
  • Completed Broker / Carrier Agreement
  • Active Operating Authority
  • Proof of Workers Compensation

Become a KOR partner: Carrier Application Form

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