We deliver comprehensive sustainable solutions to holistically improve your supply chain and save money.

Planning & Optimization

As supply chain networks must adapt to changes in customer demand, resource availability, globalization, localization, mergers, acquisitions, and more are triggers for re-evaluation. We conduct regular assessments and design a supply chain framework that best supports your business and guides daily decisions. We combine shipments, identify lower cost, “best fit” options, and model the impact of multi-variable alternatives, implement solutions, and adapt as conditions change.

Execution Management

Great plans are only as good as their execution. We coordinate the flow of materials and information through the entire supply chain ensuring you get your product on time, in good condition, at the rates you agreed to, and when things go wrong, we help fix them.


LOGIKweb is our fully-integrated, customizable, web-based technology solution that enables automation of the full transportation lifecycle from planning and execution, to audit, reconciliation and billing. All the while improving materials and information flow across the entire supply chain. Supporting localized languages and currencies.


Our professional and experienced drivers and warehouse staff utilize modern equipment to move products on schedule, safely and lawfully. We flawlessly pick up, deliver, consolidate/deconsolidate shipments, store inventory, and perform value-added services while providing complete, real-time visibility to shipment location and the status of materials. Our clients get the benefit of “flex facilities” that can scale up or down as well as relocate to meet their ever-changing needs over time.

Our KOR Team

Our team is relentlessly focused on driving customer value by leveraging their experience and industry knowledge to eliminate waste in your supply chain and processes. We believe in openness, honesty and transparency in every interaction. We work as a team and find joy in work by living our values and giving back to the local communities we operate in.